The Pastas of Europe

Types of pasta

Whole grain pasta
Whole grain flour pasta is made from wheat flour or rye flour - finely milled flour. This type of pasta has a lot more vitamins and minerals than traditional ones. Pasta made with wheat flour is yellow-brownish, while pasta with rye flour is uniquely dark-brown in colour.

Spelt pasta
Due to its high content of iron, fibre and saturated fatty acids, spelt pasta is recommended for people who have problems with indigestion and/or complexion. Spelt pasta is characterized by grey-green colour and does not contain gluten.

Barley pasta
Barley flour contains small amounts of gluten and is therefore ideally suited for the production of pasta. Rich in vitamin PP, Barley pasta supports the central nervous system and metabolism.

Corn pasta
Corn pasta is made with corn flour, which is rich in magnesium, potassium, fibre and vitamins A, B, E. This pasta is especially suitable for Mexican dishes. Corn pasta is yellow in colour that it owes to corn.

Pasta in the Mediterranean diet

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Pasta is better mood

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